My professional services are about you. Listed on this page are the kinds of help I can provide. To learn about the education and work from which I derive my expertise or about the life experience I draw upon to support my offered services, see about me.

All of my coaching services are client-driven and fit, generically, within a three step process. First, we will identify or clarify your objective(s), i.e., what you’d like to get from the coaching. Second, we’ll develop a strategy—a series of specific actions to take—for successfully accomplishing the goal(s). And, finally, I will hold you accountable for staying on track until the objective(s) is/are achieved. However, my background experience enables me to offer a variety of specialized kinds of help, beyond generic coaching services, including the following:
In interfacing with executives and senior managers as a lawyer, career consultant, and business professional, I’ve developed great empathy for the uniqueness of their organizational positions, i.e., it can be very “lonely” at the top. Such people seldom have anyone in whose presence they can “let their hair down” and be who they really are, or brainstorm ideas (however crazy they might be), without the possibility of exposing themselves to a negative, or otherwise harmful, reaction. Whether you’re seeking to better manage time or people, become a more effective communicator, build a stronger team, develop greater trust in your delegation decisions, or achieve some other goal, we’ll expeditiously find the best path to unqualified success, and we’ll do it in a safe and confidential environment.

As a 50+ year-old adventurer, I’ve acquired a wealth of knowledge from my life journey and the journeys of those people with whom I’ve interacted. While not exhaustive, and whether positive or negative, I’ve confronted, or known others who have dealt with a large array of life issues. In doing so, I’ve developed a compassionate and non-judgmental perspective which I’ll bring to coaching you on whatever issue(s) you bring to our work. Moreover, I’ll support our efforts together with a 20+ year exploration and study of philosophical and metaphysical ideas to add depth and outside-of-the-box thinking to help you achieve successful and life-satisfying results.

I’ve coached people wanting to transition within their company, between organizations (in the same or other industries), or into entirely new careers, and my clients have experienced a wonderfully “fun” process instead of the stressful journey that such transitions can often entail. We’ll work together, employing a variety of analytical tools to identify, strategize, and develop your options. We’ll “brainstorm” new ways to utilize your skills, talents, and abilities, or use them in different environments. We’ll make your resume a one-of-a-kind “eye-popper,” and develop your interviewing and/or negotiating skills. Or, we’ll deal with whatever other issue(s) stand in the way of your successfully accomplishing your desired job or career transition.
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